More Graduate News

This in from 2017 graduate Georgia Burns.

“After leaving University last year I started working with a stylist/writer and we have been commissioned by several magazines for upcoming issues throughout 2018. Above is my first published images for the March issue of 25 Beautiful Homes.”
habitat 1
“Whilst at university I worked with the interiors brand Topology and as they grew as a company we developed a good working relationship. When they began a collaborative project with Habitat I was the first photographer they mentioned and Habitat contacted me after looking at my website and commissioned me for the job. The images I have created have been used on their blog and social media channels.”
habitat 2

Graduate News

Daily Telegraph Magazine_27-01-2018_Main_1st_p73

News in from 2017 graduate Lucy Harris.

“Last year I was commissioned by The Telegraph Magazine’s ‘Best Of British’. The brief was to visit and photograph a traditional saddle maker based in Walsall and create a series of images, which were to include a portrait of the owner whilst they worked on a commission for the Royal Cavalry. It was a great commission and a fascinating subject, it was also a good opportunity to work on a timed shoot, as I only had a limited amount of time to get the shots before the interviewer for the article arrived.”

Module Work

As part of the written theory module first years students had to create their own post-modern informed self-portrait and write an artist’s statement to accompany the image.

This is the first post of this work created by Carmel Anderson.

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“I thought of the people as puppets who were unstrung, mercilessly disempowered—not preyed upon, but living on the edge and not by choice,”– (Lorca diCorcia, 2014: Online)

Traditionally, art and photography were made to create an illusion. The better the illusion, the better the Image. Artifice within postmodernism does its best to expose how the illusion-making process works. It plays on the idea of being aware of the image and knowing that everything has been staged specifically for the photo. Finding the right balance between the image looking frozen in time and could come to life at any moment, yet making sure the viewer knows every element of the photo has been meticulously thought out.

To me, artifice is about creating a link between fantasy and real life. Seeing a beautifully shot image and being able to imagine it being a moving image, telling a story, but also being able to create your own story and possibly see yourself within that. As the photographer, being able to create a metaphorical blank canvas for the viewer to reflect their own feelings and stories onto.

Philip Lorca diCorcia has been my main inspiration for my self-portrait. diCorcia creates cinematic stills that are designed to evoke the emotion contained in real life situations. The theatrical and ‘in the moment’ atmosphere throughout diCorcia’s work, is what captured my attention the most. I was very interested in attempting to creating a dramatic image that wouldn’t look out if place in a film, whilst keeping in mind the intricate stylings that diCorcria uses.

In the photo above, I have attempted to recreate my own take on cinematic image that matched the theme artifice within the post modernism era.


In Fashion…

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 15.07.54

News from third year Sarah Whelan.

“Over the summer period I worked as an intern for Jungle magazine, assisting the editors with the pre-production of their third issue and during London Fashion Week attending shows creating posts for their social media. In addition to this I wrote reviews of the shows for their website, including the Dilara Findikoglu Spring/ Summer 2018 show.”

Treasure Hunt

Above: Each year we stage a photo treasure hunt for our freshers in which they have to create images in response to a list of directions and actions. These are some of our favourites from yesterday’s adventure.

Summer Work

New work from second year Amyleigh Fowles.
“The Rockers series is a body of work aiming to portray the personalities of Rockers. The group in this series are usually known as the ‘Scrumpies Lot’. Scrumpies was one of the few 80’s rock and heavy metal night clubs in Leeds that would bring rockers from across the city together for a night of music, mayhem and madness. The Scrumpies lot would set themselves aside from the generic stereotype that surrounded the perception of a rocker and formed a tight knit community that even today, they call their family.”
“This work was created at an event with live music and lots of alcohol that I organised, where they could meet and relive their days at Scrumpies.”

Summer Work

New work from third year Emma Chard.

” Over the summer I set myself a brief to create a fashion editorial focused on Gingham. I took inspiration for the styling from 2017 catwalk trends, including brands like House of Holland, Peter Jensen and Christopher Kane. I was inspired by the work of Lachlan Bailey and Benny Horne to create this series of images, created on Saltdean beach, East Sussex. “

Summer Work

New work from second year Morgan Harlow.

“Over the summer I have focused on my specialisation of sports photography. Last week I attended the School Games in Loughborough as an accredited photographer and documented all of the sports that were taking place. These images were created during the women’s rugby tournament”