Student Work

This in from second year Callum Dickinson.

“I arrived back in the UK on the 30th June after spending 21 days touring with the band ‘Crossfaith’ over Europe, visiting countries such as Austria, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and many more. Over the course of the tour I was photographing the band, documenting live shows and also shot some work that showed the band behind the scenes. On the tour I was also selling merchandise, which allowed me to meet so many new people and also build my confidence. The tour was an amazing experience for me to not only network, but to also develop my work. Without the support of everyone within the university, especially the lecturers and my friends I wouldn’t have been able to have had this opportunity. With the help of the course and the lecturers I felt ready and confident within my own ability to deliver on what I was expected to. I am currently in conversation with various people that I met over the course of the tour about more work and am looking to be out on the road again soon”.

Personal Work

News in from second year Morgan Harlow.

“Having worked with British Swimming on a number of occasions, I was able to secure a media accreditation for the British Para Swimming International Meet taking place at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge sports centre. Whilst there, I was fortunate enough to capture the moment Eliie Simmonds realised that she had achieved the European Qualifying time in the 200IM.”

Student Achievement

Incredible news in from second year Amy Warren.

“On Monday this week at 7.00 am, I set off with a team of five women to paddle board across the English Channel. We did this in relay style, each taking it in turn to paddle a 30 minute leg. The crossing was 24 miles and took us 5 hours and 53 minutes, ending in Boulogne Harbour, France. This now makes us the first all female team to paddle board across the English Channel.”

Module Work


New work from second year Amyleigh Fowles.

Dotties is from one of the self-directed briefs we were tasked with completing. My intention was to combine my childhood love for Dalmatians (hence the title Dotties) with my area of specialisation, portrait photography. The outcome of this brief was informed by research into the popular culture that surrounds Dalmatians, the origin of the breed and the era of when the book, 101 Dalmatians was written which also informed the styling for the shoot.”

Module Work


New work from second year Sarah Puzey.

“For this brief we were required to create a silhouette inspired by our research.  I used natural light and over exposure to create this image, after taking inspiration from the documentary work of photographer Josef Koudelka.”

Module Work

New work from second year Phoebe Holman.

“These are the final images I created for the Suit brief. We were asked to construct a short narrative of two images that represented a suit or the person wearing the suit.
I chose to approach the subject by looking at a business men’s daily commute and photographed my subject in the most candid way possible in the natural surroundings of his daily working life.”

Module Work


New work created by second year Evelyn Havinga.

“Here is my final image from the Love it or Hate it brief. We were required to produce one single photograph, which could stand on its own and clearly show what the subject of the image is. “It doesn’t need to be clear if you love it or hate it.” When thinking about a concept to illustrate my dislike of sand: the one thing that came to mind was how it lingers in your clothes and and on your skin. To convey this, I came up with the idea of sand pouring out of boots and clothes. This is my final photograph of the set. I asked the model to put the jumper over her head as it creates a different perspective; as the clothing becomes a physical being within itself, it is no longer viewed as an accessory.”

Module Work

Work from second year Ellie Stafford.

“For my ‘Plastic Fantastic’ brief I focused on documenting recycled clothing from charity shops. Charity shops divert an average of 30 tonnes per annum of textiles from landfill sites annually in the UK. I created these images with Kezia focusing on re-using clothes on a budget of £30.”

Module Work

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Work created by second year Helena Copeland.

“These images were taken from my zine, titled Packets – Ramen Edition. I was inspired by Henry Hargreaves with his series From MRE to Micheline, and I wanted to make a simple, ‘just add boiling water’ food source, into something glossy and fresh by taking elements from each packets ingredients list and combining that with traditional ramen recipes.”