Module Work

Work from second year Ellie Stafford.

“For my ‘Plastic Fantastic’ brief I focused on documenting recycled clothing from charity shops. Charity shops divert an average of 30 tonnes per annum of textiles from landfill sites annually in the UK. I created these images with Kezia focusing on re-using clothes on a budget of £30.”

Module Work

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Work created by second year Helena Copeland.

“These images were taken from my zine, titled Packets – Ramen Edition. I was inspired by Henry Hargreaves with his series From MRE to Micheline, and I wanted to make a simple, ‘just add boiling water’ food source, into something glossy and fresh by taking elements from each packets ingredients list and combining that with traditional ramen recipes.”

Getting Published


News in from second year Morgan Harlow.

“This image featured in the Outdoor Fitness magazine was taken at the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon which I was able to get a media accreditation for back in July. The woman in charge of the event (Clair Duffin) was very appreciative of my photos as she worked with one of the sponsors of the event (Huub Events), especially this photo as it was in fact her son. A few months later Clair came back to me and informed me that the photo of her son would be featuring in the next issue of the magazine, which is now my first photograph to be published.”

Summer Work

New work from second year Evie Curtis-Owen.

“I have recently been working creating images of rock climbers, Alex Oates and Tom Millin  at the Warehouse in Gloucester.”


Summer Work

New work from second year Megan Bendall.

“Over the summer I’ve experimented within my area of specialisation, producing images of subcultures, including the image above of Official Goose dressed as a blue troll for Newcastle Pride Festival. I’ve also experimented in concert photography, photographing singers Alessia Cara and Sabrina Carpenter at the Calgary Stampede (Left) in July as well as YouTuber Emma Blackery, performing onstage at Summer in the City in London (Right), where I was a press photographer for the weekend.”


Summer Work

New work from second year Morgan Harlow.

“Over the summer I have focused on my specialisation of sports photography. Last week I attended the School Games in Loughborough as an accredited photographer and documented all of the sports that were taking place. These images were created during the women’s rugby tournament”


Student News…

This in from second year Ellie Ramsden.

“I’ve been working with songwriter, Carla Marie Williams, for the past couple of weeks. Carla has written songs for Beyonce, Britney Spears and Girls Aloud, and is currently working on a project to help improve the level of gender equality within the music industry. I’ve been creating images and filming Carla for her personal use and for #GirlsIRate in the recording studio, at the BBC and at the #GirlsIRate Summer Soiree.

Some of the work can be seen on my Instagram account here: