Personal Work

News in from third year Ellie Ramsden.

“I have been working with music magazine Wordplay for the past few months, photographing musicians and live music for online and printed editorial content. Issue 17 has just been released and features two shoots of mine – US rapper Lil Skies which was shot at Atlantic Studios in London, and old school UK hip-hop artist, Ty.”

Toronto Collaboration

This morning saw our lecturers Trudie Ballantyne and Grant Scott join with the Humber College, Toronto lecturers led by David Scott review the work created over the previous day in response to a live brief set by Toronto based Grocery Gateway. Here is a selection of the work created that will be exhibited at a central Toronto Gallery tomorrow afternoon.


Student Work

New module work from first year Jake Spencer.

“Our brief for this module stated that we were required to create a portfolio of images based on our interests and passions to create a portfolio of a minimum of 10 images. For my personal portfolio, I decided to shoot styled portraiture as I love working creatively with other people and experimenting with colours and lighting.”

Student Success

News in from third year Poppy Challinor.

“I’ve recently been interviewed by Self magazine and The Press Association concerning my work on Instagram documenting psoriasis. The interview with Self has been posted on their Instagram page (@selfmagazine) which has 600k followers and will also be posted onto their Facebook page that has over 1.7M followers. The Press Association interview will be published over the coming weeks.”


Applicant Day

Yesterday saw our annual applicant day be as successful as ever with a fantastic exhibition of personal work created by current students and the return of 2013 graduate Liam Clarke. Liam gave a fascinating talk about his time on the course and his subsequent experiences working as an assistant to David Bailey and now for fashion photographer David Sims on major advertising campaigns, shooting international celebrities and models all around the world.

As always we gave prizes to some of the most successful images exhibited. These are just some of those who won and who were commended in their categories by in order third year’s Helen Clayton, Sarah Whelan, Hannah Mulvey, second year’s Yasmin Carter and Ian Price and third year Poppy Challinor.



Module Work


New work from second year Amyleigh Fowles.

Dotties is from one of the self-directed briefs we were tasked with completing. My intention was to combine my childhood love for Dalmatians (hence the title Dotties) with my area of specialisation, portrait photography. The outcome of this brief was informed by research into the popular culture that surrounds Dalmatians, the origin of the breed and the era of when the book, 101 Dalmatians was written which also informed the styling for the shoot.”

Module Work

New work from second year Alex Bassford.

“Georgina Atkinson, a fashion designer and stylist currently based in Cheltenham, UK.
I photographed Georgina whilst she worked on her 2018 swimwear collection which was inspired by a trip to Valencia. These images were created in response to a self-written brief, and to continue my  personal project titled A Creative Profession, which features various professionals across the creative industries and the work that they do.

Module Work

New work from second year Phoebe Holman.

“These are the final images I created for the Suit brief. We were asked to construct a short narrative of two images that represented a suit or the person wearing the suit.
I chose to approach the subject by looking at a business men’s daily commute and photographed my subject in the most candid way possible in the natural surroundings of his daily working life.”

More Graduate News

This in from 2017 graduate Georgia Burns.

“After leaving University last year I started working with a stylist/writer and we have been commissioned by several magazines for upcoming issues throughout 2018. Above is my first published images for the March issue of 25 Beautiful Homes.”
habitat 1
“Whilst at university I worked with the interiors brand Topology and as they grew as a company we developed a good working relationship. When they began a collaborative project with Habitat I was the first photographer they mentioned and Habitat contacted me after looking at my website and commissioned me for the job. The images I have created have been used on their blog and social media channels.”
habitat 2