Module Work

New work from first year Jake Spencer.

“These images were created in Worcester, Worcestershire and feature aspiring designer Lucy Thomas who is currently working as an apprentice designing kitchens.”


Module Work


Work created by first year Eva Brooks.

“This image was created for the T-Mobile brief of our module. I was inspired by the commercial partnership between T-Mobile and Netflix, and I wanted to show a group of friends laughing and having fun whilst watching a movie. My intention was to create a scene that people viewing the image could believe in and relate to.”

Module Work

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grant 2


Work created by second year Helena Copeland.

“These images were taken from my zine, titled Packets – Ramen Edition. I was inspired by Henry Hargreaves with his series From MRE to Micheline, and I wanted to make a simple, ‘just add boiling water’ food source, into something glossy and fresh by taking elements from each packets ingredients list and combining that with traditional ramen recipes.”

Module Work



Just in from second year Callum Dickinson.

“These are three images from my zine titled Loose Change, which documents the Cheltenham music scene. The name Loose Change comes from a Royal Blood song, which I was listening to a lot whilst in the making process of this zine; it also comes from the fact that each show I shot was about £3 entry, what some may consider to be loose change. With this body of work I really wanted to try and show how alive and kicking the alternative music scene within Cheltenham is, through gritty, hard hitting images.”