Student Achievement

Incredible news in from second year Amy Warren.

“On Monday this week at 7.00 am, I set off with a team of five women to paddle board across the English Channel. We did this in relay style, each taking it in turn to paddle a 30 minute leg. The crossing was 24 miles and took us 5 hours and 53 minutes, ending in Boulogne Harbour, France. This now makes us the first all female team to paddle board across the English Channel.”

We Are in Toronto!


We are currently in Toronto, Canada with our first years for a week long photographic collaboration with students from Humber College on a live brief. However, before we start work on that tomorrow, we have had two days of exploring Toronto and Niagara Falls on a traditional North American school bus.

Student Work

Our final post of module work created by our first year students during their last module of the year. These images were created by Jemima Wilch.

“I have been immersed with food images, cook books, magazines and recipe cards due to my mother’s passion for cooking. I narrowed down all of the thousands of ideas in these to an in depth study of vegetables.”

Student Work

New module work from first year Adam Chandler.

“During the Personal Portfolio module, I decided to focus on music photography, particularly the heavy music scene. During the development of this module I switched from using a zoom lens to a 28mm prime which allowed me to get more involved with the concerts and this made the process a lot more fun and also produced more effective images. Getting more involved with each concert made me pick up on the emotions coming from the crowd and band on stage varying from aggression to unity. This module has allowed me to make so many new friends and gain so much more confidence, I’m excited to what the rest of my time at university has to offer.”

Student Work

New module work from first year Eva Brooks.

“I chose to specialise in dance photography as it has been a passion of mine from a young age. After experimenting with different styles and ideas I ended up focusing on costumes and pointe shoes; creating movement using a long shutter speed and using a torch to dodge and burn areas of the images in camera. The finished work is conceptual and was so much fun to create.”

Student Work

Module work created by first year Jack Griffiths.

“The Personal Portfolio was a module that allowed us to explore and photograph our passions or areas of specialisation. I have always been obsessed with cars so I thought this would be great chance to take the leap into automotive photography.”

Student Work

New module work from first year Jake Spencer.

“Our brief for this module stated that we were required to create a portfolio of images based on our interests and passions to create a portfolio of a minimum of 10 images. For my personal portfolio, I decided to shoot styled portraiture as I love working creatively with other people and experimenting with colours and lighting.”

Student Work

Module work from first year Megan Williams.

“Here are is an edit of the images I created for the personal portfolio module. I chose to specialise on canine photography as dogs are a huge passion of mine. Photographing my area of interest was very enjoyable and it was great to see and hear the enthusiasm for the work from the rest of the group.”

Portfolio Review Day

Today we staged our annual portfolio review day for our third and final year students. This year we were please to welcome award winning photographer and Sony World Photo Awards Portrait Photographer of the Year Tom Oldham, Senior Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury Academic Louise Baird-Smith and Creative Director for Conde Nast International Fiona Hayes. Each shared their experience, knowledge and opinions from an industry perspective on all of the students portfolios within an interview situation.

All three were hugely impressed by the quality of work and professional attitude of all of the students they met.