Vancouver/Van Arts/Van City Collaboration Images

These are just a selection of some of the fantastic images that were created across Vancouver by teams of our students collaborating with students from Van Arts, Vancouver to a live brief set by the Canadian credit union Van City. Teams were created and each was sent to a different Van City branch to meet with the branch manager and learn about the diverse local communities and projects each different branch services and supports. Each team then set off to document those communities in just one day, whilst ensuring that they received permission and model releases for everyone they photographed.  The work created will appear in Van City branches and on their social media channels.

Student News

Just in from second year Laura Barnett.

“Since working with MONU Skin Professional Skincare in a work experience capacity as part of the Professional Practice module they have offered me a part-time position to help run their social media channels and take main control of their Instagram. This involves me creating monthly plans and content including stills, stop motion and moving image. I will also be working to find brand ambassadors through social media for the company along with creating an ambassador programme”.

Graduate News…

This in from 2016 graduate Hollie Crawshaw.

“My project documenting numerous country shows across Gloucestershire is going to be released as a 128 page photo book on the 15th June this year! The publication has been really hard work, requiring a lot of time, determination and commitment but the experience has all been worth it. As well as spending the whole of last summer shooting it, I’ve spent days going though edits, writing content, organising files, completing promotional questionnaires, emailing, submitting author biographies and researching. The Professional Practice module completed on the Ed&Ad course really helped me to achieve this and I’m so excited to see my book on the shelves very soon! It is available to pre-order on Amazon now and I will be keeping everyone up to date with its release on my Twitter and Instagram (@HollieC_Photo).

Welcome To Our New Home

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For the last four years we have existed on the Tumblr platform posting news and work created by our students and lecturers, but we have decided to move home and continue our online journal here. We hope you continue to enjoy and be inspired by what we do and why!