Module Work

New module work from first year Ollie Bentley.

“These two images were created in response to the clothing brand brief. I decided to choose Carhartt because I like their brand identity and visual style. I photographed one of my flat mates for the target audience as he also is interested in Carhartt and sometimes wears the brand. The still-life image was created in front of a run-down garage door to achieve an urban setting.”

Carhartt still life

Carhartt target audience.jpg

Module Work

New Module work from first year Ruby Rosser.

“This image was inspired by the Memphis Art Movement and photographer Irving Penn’s still-life imagery. I worked with an Estee Lauder perfume bottle as the brand was particularly popular in the 1980’s. I researched the brand and focused on their Modern Muse range looking into connotations of the word ‘Muse’ and it’s link to the rise of the supermodel in the 1980’s.”



New Module work from first year Phoebe Booth.
“The fashion brand Cos has a simple and minimal brand aesthetic. They often use architectural influences as fashion inspiration, contrasting man-made and natural objects in their photography. The combination of these elements informed my image-making.”

Module Work

New module work from second year Jake Spencer.

“This work was created in response to a photo-story brief. My concept was to look into stereotypes and misconceptions of my generation, that can have a negative effect on the self-esteem of young people. To try and oppose these stereotypes, I chose to photograph a young natural looking couple (Gabriel and Kerris).”

Module Work

New module work from second year Jonny Griffiths.

“In response to the set module brief, I wanted to photograph a subject that was new to me. I chose to photograph a rock climber but I wanted to take them away from a rock face and bring them into a studio environment. As well as photographing the climber, I also wanted to bring climbing elements into the images, such as his chalk and harnesses.”

Module Work

Module work from second year Carmel Anderson.

“My intention for these images was to create a look book with an Autumnal aesthetic that could be used online or in-print to promote a fashion brand. I focused on textures and patterns associated with Autumn such as corduroy, knits, tartans and checks.”