Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay

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Senior Lecturer Grant Scott has been working on a feature length documentary film over the last year and it is now being premiered at the Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol this April. You can find out more about the film at and about the premiere at

More Graduate News

This in from 2017 graduate Georgia Burns.

“After leaving University last year I started working with a stylist/writer and we have been commissioned by several magazines for upcoming issues throughout 2018. Above is my first published images for the March issue of 25 Beautiful Homes.”
habitat 1
“Whilst at university I worked with the interiors brand Topology and as they grew as a company we developed a good working relationship. When they began a collaborative project with Habitat I was the first photographer they mentioned and Habitat contacted me after looking at my website and commissioned me for the job. The images I have created have been used on their blog and social media channels.”
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Graduate News

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News in from 2017 graduate Lucy Harris.

“Last year I was commissioned by The Telegraph Magazine’s ‘Best Of British’. The brief was to visit and photograph a traditional saddle maker based in Walsall and create a series of images, which were to include a portrait of the owner whilst they worked on a commission for the Royal Cavalry. It was a great commission and a fascinating subject, it was also a good opportunity to work on a timed shoot, as I only had a limited amount of time to get the shots before the interviewer for the article arrived.”

Graduate News


News from 2017 Graduate Joe Williams.

“Following the Degree Show last year I was approached by the commissioning picture editor of The Telegraph. Since then we have kept in contact and I have now shot four commissions for them that have been published online as well as in print, including portraits of Eddie Hall, The World’s Strongest Man.”


Eddie Hall –

Vegan Chef –


Graduate News

News in from 2016 graduate Ben large.
“Since our end of year exhibition I have kept in touch with many contact’s that came to see our degree show in London. These contacts have led to commissions, assisting work and ongoing conversations and guidance in my career. After meeting the picture editor of The Telegraph and showing him my reportage work we stayed in touch. This has led to my first tabloid commission and having one of my images printed in The Telegraph. “
“This commission was a great opportunity for me to gain some trust in my competence as a photographer and apply what I had learned on the course. I really couldn’t have achieved without the contacts the lecturers gave me and the help I received in communicating by telephone in the Professional Practice module. It really changed a lot for me!”
“Hope you guys are having a great 2018, will keep you posted on how things progress.”

Graduate News

News in from 2016 graduates Rob Gifford and Seb Nowell.

“We have just completed a film for the jeweller Glenn Spiro. This project came about from a referral from a previous commercial video project that we both co-directed for a luxury brand called HRH Haute Couture. From there we were referred onto Glenn where we developed a concept for the video and pitched it to Glenn with a treatment after researching similar brands and referencing videos that Glenn mentioned in the original meeting. We completed two shoots and had eight people on set for each and then the final video including the animations was edited by Rob.”

“The success of this video was very much down to the level of preparation Rob and I put into the pre-production, ensuring that we had the appropriate budget, the correct equipment, studio with enough power, insurance, travel plans, a shot-list, lunch, timings and schedule for the shooting days. This level of planning was essential due to everything being shot close focus on a Leica rehoused macro lens with further diopters and even a doubler at times, as a result of this every single movement replicates a miniature earthquake. Also when you this macro and want to achieve a stop large enough to get the watch in focus’s and not distorted you need a serious amount of light. We had at least 2x 5ks with a 4k Octadome and Dedo lights burning at all times, to allow this so we had to have a studio with sufficient power. We had an incredible crew on board with us throughout the shoot. In total we had 10 members of crew over the two days. They went above and beyond their roles to problem solve and help capture the video, especially our Gaffer Tom Nowell and our 1st AC Matt Choules who helped problem solve the opening without incorporating hands or shake on what is essentially an object the size of a 1 pence piece. We couldn’t go without thanking our incredible DoP Joan Bordera we had on our first day who helped create and frame all our essential shots. A big thanks also to our great lighting team Rory Harborne and Rob Shears and our runners, Ellie Ramsden (current 3rd year student), Elliot Gunn (2016 graduate) and Rene.”
The commercial can be viewed at

Graduate News

More 2017 graduate news, this time from Kuba Junek.


“As I was leaving the UK I was already applying for jobs back home which I found interesting. I was invited to two interviews and the second one was successful for me as I was hired as a production assistant at Czech public television in Prague (the equivalent of the BBC in the UK). My work is based mainly around organising documentary film shoots and post-production.
“In my free time, I intend to shoot a personal work based around the Czech Republic as my homeland. The idea came to me when I realised that after travelling in Europe and living in the UK for three years I know only two places here properly – my hometown in the south and Prague. These two areas are both frequently visited by tourists and that is what I would like to avoid. I want to force myself to go with my camera to cities and towns which are not in the tourist guides but equally important for an honest portrait of the country. I believe that this work will be relevant and actual since 2018 has a symbolic meaning for Czechs. The country declared independence hundred years ago after the First World War, the Munich agreement was signed eighty years ago and the Soviet’s army occupation started fifty years ago. It seems like a good time for creating a portrait of the country from my own perspective.”
“I hope everyone on the course is doing well and I wish you all the best of luck in 2018.”

Graduate News

This just in from 2017 graduate Reece Pickering.

This week, Lush Times photographer, Reece Pickering, reports on his recent visit to West Australia to visit a remote Sandalwood distillery which is benefiting the indigenous population, and delves into the illegal industry of felling Australian Santalum Spicatum. Reece has also been exploring how permaculture is being embraced by indigenous communities moving towards self-sustainability, and an Australian horticulturalist who is changing the way we look at the flora and fauna of the outback.

“My name is Reece Pickering, and I recently graduated as a 25 year-old mature student from the Editorial & Advertising : Photography BA (HONS) at the University of Gloucestershire. Prior to the course I was finishing a stint of travelling, driving through Western Australia in a beaten up Ford Econovan late July 2014. The van broke down a couple of weeks later along with my options, and assessing my life’s direction; photography had always been present in my life, I just hadn’t thought it was even a career option.”

“Less than a month later, I was at the University’s studios practicing studio lighting, post-production, but most importantly the creative direction of my interests, and how they could be incorporated into my work. This took me in the direction of stylised portraiture and creative reportage, the former allowed me to begin approaching national editorial magazines, the latter then allowed me to visit narratives that were remote and unique to what other photographers were photographing. I began to incorporate aspects of studio lighting into remote international regions, and this began to put my own interests and work into interest from potential clients.

Through the encouragement to follow personal interests as opposed to following ‘trends’ or ‘styles’, my interest in documenting narratives in remote and hostile regions has brought me to becoming a photographer and filmmaker for Lush Cosmetics Global. This has brought me into a full-time role, working both nationally and internationally for Lush working in remote and hostile regions, in the short two months I’ve been there, I’ve been sent to South-East Asia, and Australia, with upcoming trips around the world.”

Though the placement was intended to be temporary, there is a possibility that the role could now be permanent with me dictating exactly where I wish to go to next. It’s set me a foundation to document the kind of work which never would have been possible on a personal budget, and an approach to visual storytelling that has made my role unique; for this I am forever grateful for my time on the course, and to my lecturers and mentors who continually encouraged me to keep going. It’s a relationship I now have with the University which I can’t wait to see develop and grow.”

“The course had given me the tools to accomplish what I set out to do with my work, from 5X4 large format film processing, to exploring the new world of moving image, which is currently a large portion of what I do in my role. But these were merely tools in accomplishing what I set out to do, the real importance from the course came from the contacts provided and encouraged by the lecturers, but they worked with me more so as mentors in explaining the business side, and the industry itself. This carried through from the beginning of defining my area of specialisation, to the current start of my career, where lecturers from the course are continually supporting my journey.”

Graduate News

News if from 2017 graduate Rebecca Horton.

“I am working as an editorial assistant within a company who produce vegan titles including Vegan Life, PlantBased and an additional trade title. Since being here from early December I’ve been writing online content for their daily news articles and editorial content for the magazines. Cruelty free beauty is a personal interest of mine and over time I’m hoping to write about this for their online platforms. As I settle in I’m gradually being trusted with writing larger pieces and able to write about things I’m passionate about. I’m currently working on an environmental piece for the March issue of Vegan Life magazine.”